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Clearsonic MegaPac Isolation Booth

 $3,095.33 - $3,351.18 

The Clearsonic MegaPac Isolation Booth is useful in applications where maximum isolation is needed.

The MegaPac features 360 of ClearSonic Panels for maximum sound isolation. ClearSonic shields in the back means less opening for sound to escape. A full seven feet of interior headroom is achieved by using the AX18 Height Extenders. There is an A5-7 in front, and an A5-5 in the rear. The two panel systems do not actually connect to each other, so the end panel of the A5-5 can be moved and used as a door.

By adding the STC512 twelve inch wide SORBER Lid baffle to the standard 3-section lid, total lid coverage is 7'W x 5.5'D. The MegaPac includes two lid support bars for maximum stability.

Nineteen S2 and twelve S1 SORBER baffles provide a whopping 112 square feet of interior sound absorption for maximum acoustic performance inside and out.

Dimensions:   7' wide x 8' deep x 7' tall

Parts Included:

  • (1) A5-7 - 7-section CSP (front)
  • (1) A5-5 - 5-section CSP (rear)
  • (12) AX18 - 18" height extenders
  • (1) STC5L - 2'W x 5.5'D center lid section
  • (1) STC512L - 12"W x 5.5'D center lid section
  • (2) STS5L - 2'W x 5.5'D side lid section
  • (19) S2L - 22"W x 2'H SORBER baffle
  • (12) S1L - 22"W x 2'H SORBER baffle
  • (1) Fan - 6", 2-speed, low noise fan

Amount of Sound Reduction:   70-80%


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